Company owner / Producer

Nima Yousefi

Nima Yousefi grew up with parents who worked with film and theatre in both Iran and Sweden. At a very early age, Nima fell in love with the craft and art of movie productions. Nima studied Economics and Philosophy at Stockholm University School of Business in order to go into producing films.
During recent years Nima has gotten a broad experience working with both live action and animation films with some of Sweden’s most well known production companies.
In 2010, Nima started working as a junior producer at the production company HOBAB, which has produced over 30 feature films. Nima Yousefi is an EAVE Puentes graduate and important festivals and Co-production markets have selected his projects and films, including No Borders International Co-production Market during IFP Week, MOME Finance Lab NYC, San Sebastian Film Festival’s Co-Production Forum, Film London Market, Guadalajara Co-production Meeting and Bogotá Audiovisual Market.

Company owner / Producer

Peter Krupenin

Peter Krupenin began his career as sound engineer for an illegal radio station onboard a ship sailing the Baltic Sea.
After a Master Degree in Business Administration 1972 at The Stockholm School of Economics, he received a grant to study film producing at the University of Southern California.
Starting 1972, Peter has worked in different positions in feature films. Valuable experience has been gained through work with Ingmar Bergman and in close cooperation with most Swedish and Nordic larger production companies, distributors and Filminstitutes.
Since 1982 Peter has produced more than 30 feature films for his own company Omega Film & Television AB now named HOBAB. Peter owns 50% of HOBAB.
Besides producing full-length feature films, Peter has initiated and produced a number of prizewinning short films and documentaries.

Production accountant

Sara Yousefi

Sara is responsible for Hobabs economy and has been working on several productions as production accountant. Sara studied film at Stockholm University, Business and economics at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.